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MIKOGROUP GLOBAL is a worldwide export company with many years of vigorous experience in trade of automotive and industrial machinery.


Finding the right automotive equipment that suits your needs nowadays in this vast growing global market, can turn into a difficult process, and in the most cases you find yourself in a complicated comparison between different brands. With our experience, we understand the importance of achieving the right balance between costs and quality to you, the service we offer is therefore of the highest quality providing everything you need with THE BEST price, all in one place.

We urge anybody to explore our range in Auto Lifts, Alignment Machine, Wheel Balancers, Tire Changers and different accessories, and compare them to any brand in the market. This will lead you to the fact that MIKOGROUP items stand for a competitive good quality with extremely good value for money!
Our client benefit backing is likewise unmatched in the business.

Due to our vast and rapid growth, we recently established new sectors of trading, entering both construction, and food & beverage markets.


Here are few reasons why MIKOGROUP should be your first choice when considering an equipment purchase:


We guarantee all our exporting Items after doing the necessary inspection.


We offer variety of product and equipment to cover the business of production and service industries.

Brand Name

We can provide a product according to your need or even with a special design. We offer our own customized product with our Brand name. In addition we offer the product with the producer's brand name.


Our good experience and strong relationship with the suppliers and manufactures grant us a lot of facilities and allow us to provide all your needs and requirements of machines in a short and idyllic time with the best deliberated prices.


Due to our worldwide sales and turnover achievement, we have very special prices and discounts.

Door To Door

We always can deliver your order ex-work or FOB or at destination sea port or airport on C&F or CIF base, giving you the best price for the product including the shipping cost. So you don't need to be in charge of contacting a forward agent as a third party.


We support our clients with our experience to present the consulting in order to study the project and give the layouts and select the best machine type and size according to the job requirements.

Price & Cost

Because we can offer all the services mentioned above as one package, our price will be very low and competitive.